I’ve been a massive fan of Rachel and her food and lifestyle blog for a while and it was an absolute delight speaking to her over the phone. Rachel is a great listener, supportive and offers advice that is helpful and mindful of people’s struggles. I’d recommend health coaching from Rachel as she is so understanding and really listens to offer a personalised approach to improving your health

Cara-Jane F.

Do you feel like food, or thinking about food, is taking over your life?

Or maybe you’re tired of ‘falling off the wagon’ every week and would love healthy eating to be easier.

Work with Rachel

Rachel specialises in helping women who feel stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle of unhealthy behaviours, to successfully overhaul their lifestyle by making small manageable changes and without relying on willpower. She has over 12 years experience of studying psychology to PhD level and has worked with clients since she set up her business in July 2017.



In this intimate group workshop, you will learn how to improve your relationship with food and create balance through changing your negative self-talk and becoming more self-compassionate. This means, learning how to stop the cycle of self-judgement, evaluation and criticism and instead treat yourself more kindly. Adopting this perspective of self-compassion can help support you to sustain healthy habits and achieve better physical and mental wellbeing. You will leave with a better understanding of your psychology and knowledge of daily life practices to help you to change your relationship with food in the long-term.

There are no current dates planned for this workshop.

To arrange a private workshop for you and up to 6 people please enquire.


After struggling with various issues around food and my body for many years, I decided to attend Rachel’s workshop on Negative Self Talk. Rachel is really inspirational on her Instagram and Blog and I love her ‘small changes’ type approach, so I felt she would be just perfect for this kind of discussion. The group environment was small and reassuringly intimate, and Rachel took us through her workbook which is founded on psychological evidence. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my beliefs around food and discuss with Rachel and the group how we can make small steps to start changing these habits and unhealthy beliefs. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone struggling with issues around food and unhealthy habits. Thank you Rachel!

Jenny R.


You’ve probably heard about mindful eating – but why is it so good and how do you do it? In this workshop we will be exploring the evidence based behind mindful eating, then diving into some practical tips and a mindful eating exercise with chocolate!