This rich and creamy chocolate avocado mousse with chai spices is 1 of 5 recipes in the Vegan Afternoon Tea series.

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I wanted to make something a bit different from your typical afternoon tea recipe. I find that there is usually a lot of cream and strawberries in afternoon tea, which while very nice, can get a bit sickly. But this velvety chocolate and avocado mousse is a total game changer.

I chose to serve it in one large tea cup because I think it looks nice and I thought that people could dip strawberries in it. But you could serve it in smaller ramekins if you choose. Also, since I wasn’t making these recipes for a tea party (I know I should have been more organised and invited my friends round) and I had sooooo many cakes in the house I decided to freeze some of the chocolate chai avocado mousse in an ice cube tray. Let me tell you, it also makes an amazing frozen dessert. Perfect for when you want a little sweet treat.

chocolate chai avocado mousse - vegan. gluten free, refined sugar free

Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Aztec Chai Tea

Serves: 6.



  • Prep: Scoop the hard cream from the top of the coconut milk and 60ml of the water into a pan. Add the dates and then stir in the tea and mash the leaves on the side of the pan to release the flavour. Heat on low for 10 minutes. Strain the coconut milk through a sieve to remove the tea then pick out the dates. Place the infused milk and dates in the fridge for 2 hours to cool down.
  • Mousse: When the milk has cooled blend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth and aerated. Next, transfer the mixture into 6 small or 1 large tea cup. Leave the mousse in the fridge to set for at least one hour.
  • Store in the fridge. Add fresh berries before serving.

This recipe uses chai tea – a blend of black tea, cacao shells, vanilla, cinnamon, chilli flakes and sunflower petals.  But you can use any spiced tea that you enjoy.

how to make chocolate avocado mousse

Have you ever tried to make chocolate avocado mousse before? What did you think?


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