This raw vegan berry cheese cake is 1 of 5 recipes in the Vegan Afternoon Tea series.

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This is my favourite recipe in the series. I love the texture of the fruity ‘cheesecake’ and slightly crumbly base. If you’re making this as a single cheese cake you might want to add a few more dates to the base to help it stick together. But I think this recipe works perfectly in individual pots.

vegan cheesecake with oat and peanut base

Raw Vegan Berry Cheesecake

Serves: 4-6 individual pots.


Biscuit Base

  • 70g rolled oats
  • 30g blanched peanuts
  • Seeds from ¼ vanilla pod
  • 10g raw virgin coconut oil (use refined for less of a noticeable coconut taste)
  • 1 large medjool date

Berry Topping

  • 100g cashew nuts (soaked in hot water for +2hrs)
  • 75g fresh raspberries
  • 70g raw virgin coconut oil (use refined for less of a noticeable coconut taste)
  • 65ml rice milk
  • 40g pure maple syrup
  • 15g Birdhouse Tea Company Coles Corner tea
  • Optional: Fresh mixed berries and mint to garnish.


  • Prep: Melt the coconut oil in a sauce pan on a low heat. Stir in the tea and mash the leaves on the side of the pan to release the flavour. Then turn off the heat and leave it to stand. After 10 minutes strain the coconut oil through a sieve to remove the tea.
  • Base: Blend all of the ingredients for around 1 minute in a food processor until it creates the texture of biscuit crumbs. Divide the mixture equally into 4-6 ramekins and press down to make a flat surface.
  • Topping: Drain and rinse the cashew nuts, then place them in a blender along with rest of the ingredients, including the infused coconut oil. Blend the mix for around 3-4 minutes until it is totally smooth. Spoon the ‘cheesecake’ mixture into the ramekins on top of the biscuit base.
  • Store in the fridge and top with berries before serving.

This recipe uses Coles Corner tea– a floral, fruity and delicate blend with green tea, hibiscus, jasmine and strawberry. But you can use your favourite berry tea.

vegan cheesecake made with cashews and berries


Have you ever tried to infuse coconut oil before? How did it go?

I think this tea gives the oil a beautiful subtle and fruity taste.

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