This post is a paid collaboration with Tesco to highlight their wide range of plant-based ingredients and the simple, easy vegan recipes available on their website. I agreed to this collaboration because I feel that it fits with the aims of Healthy & Psyched – to make healthy food enjoyable and accessible. Plus I love vegetables and jump at a chance to talk about them.

Plant-based ingredients at Tesco

I’m so pleased that Tesco in the UK promote healthy eating by having the fruit and vegetable section right by the door at most stores. Also, they have introduced the campaign to provide free fruit for children shopping in the store. I think it’s a brilliant idea and I was so happy when I went shopping with my 2 year old nephew and could finally take some of the fruit that I’d been looking at during every shopping trip since the initiative was introduced! Tesco also have a dedicated ‘Free From’ section in the fridges and an aisle, so you can find items such as dairy free milk, vegan friendly snack bars and more.

Plant-based recipes from Tesco

Tesco say that their collection of “winter warming recipes will help keep the January chills at bay. Filled with hearty vegetables, comforting flavours and all the glorious ingredients that feel like a hug from the inside”. They gave me a range of recipes to choose from and I picked the Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese.


Shopping trip at Tesco

To buy the ingredients I went to the Tesco Metro in Derby city centre. I would say it’s a medium-sized store and because of that I was a bit worried that they might not have all of the ingredients that I wanted for the recipe e.g., green lentils and vegan wine. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they had all of the ingredients and I even had several vegan wines to choose from. It hadn’t occurred to me before my trip to check which wine was vegan friendly and I had a little panic in the shop when I was faced with a whole aisle of wine to look though. The first 4 bottles that I picked up contained eggs and milk (from the processing methods), so I decided to Google ‘vegan wine in Tesco’. The search bought up some images of suitable wines, which I then found on the shelf. In the end I choose the Yellow Tail – Jammy Red Roo because it had the best name and I like to choose wine based on its name. I also picked up some Tesco brand gluten-free spaghetti because I like it more than normal dried pasta.

Cooking Tesco Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

Get the recipe here.


The instructions were pretty straight forward and so I think that this spaghetti Bolognese recipe would be suitable for someone with even a low level of cooking ability to make. I enjoyed making it and tasting it as I went along to see how the flavours developed as I added in more ingredients. Usually if I make a Bolognese type dish I will add tomatoes, dried herbs and balsamic vinegar, but this recipe included wine (as I already mentioned) as well as soya sauce and almond milk!

I will confess that I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter. Firstly, I left out the mushrooms because my boyfriend really hates them and I didn’t want to make 4 portions of Bolognese to eat by myself! I was happy to leave them out because the recipe has plenty of other vegetables, so we still got in a large chunk of our 5 –a-day, even with the missing mushrooms. Secondly, the recipe says to cook the Bolognese for 40-50 minutes, during which time you should stir it often. I set a timer for 40 minutes and then went away from the kitchen. I had intended to come back and stir the pot, but I got distracted until I heard the beep of the timer. When I came back to the Bolognese, the lentils had stuck to the bottom of the pan! Luckily I got them unstuck with the spatula and mixed them in. The moral of this story is to READ THE INSTUCTIONS and FOLLOW THEM! It’s not a difficult recipe, but you do need to pay attention to what you’re doing.


I have MASSIVE pasta bowls, so I had to photograph a double portion of pasta just to make it look like there was a decent amount in the bowl!



The Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese made a tasty and satisfying dinner. I liked the rich flavours from the wine and the different textures of the aubergine and lentils. I’m not usually one to eat a bowl of pasta, but this was definitely enjoyable and I will be making it again. My boyfriend, who LOVES Bolognese made with beef mince, thought the vegan version was ‘very tasty’ and agreed that we should have it again.
This recipe would be nice to make at a weekend when you have more time on your hands or for a dinner party. Also, I think that the recipe could be easily scaled up or down to serve a different amount of people.

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You can find more recipes on the Tesco website here. Or connect with them on instagram and twitter.

I actually tweeted Tesco several times in the past few years because there was none of their vegan home brand soya yogurt available in the shops near me. They always replied politely and I’m pleased that it has been introduced into the stores that I tweeted about! I don’t think that it’s purely down to me, but I like to think they took my tweet into consideration.

What’s your experience of the plant-based food in Tesco?


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