Happy Easter

I’ve put together a big list of the best vegan Easter recipes, which all include fruit and/or vegetables!

How did I decide what’s an ‘Easter’ recipe?
I had quite a wide definition of Easter – if it said Easter in the name it counted, if it has some symbolization to Easter e.g. anything based on hot cross buns, eggs, carrots (the Easter bunny eats carrots when he’s not eating chocolate right) or pastel spring colours it counted as well.

Vegan Easter Breakfast / Brunch Recipes

four vegan breakfast recipes for easter

Secret ingredient carrot cake waffles – Strength & Sunshine
Spelt, carrot and apple pancakes – Healthy & Psyched
Carrot cake brown rice porridge – My Life is For Living
Healthy carrot cake smoothie –Healthy & Psyched
Nectarine Melba smoothie – Healthy & Psyched
Springtime overnight oats – Healthy & Psyched
Chickpea omlette with spinach and peas – Choosing Chia
Carrot lox with avocado cashew cream – The Hungry Herbivores
Tomato and chive tofu scramble – Nourishing Amelia

Vegan Easter Main Meal/ Sides Recipes

easter meal recipes for vegans
Vegan Caesar salad- Plant Powered Couple
Carrot top salad – Akamatra
Vegan and gluten-free frittata – Sunny Side Hanne
Spinach and artichoke quiche – V Nutrition & Wellness
The best vegan quiche ever – Happy Kitchen Rocks
Meatless Shepherd’s pie – Eat the Vegan Rainbow
Cauiflower and letil loaf – Strength & Sunshine
Spinach and vegan ricotta ravioli – Romy London UK
Oven roasted maple glazed carrots – In Fine Balance
Crushed potatoes with spinach – Rebel Recipes

Vegan Easter Dessert Recipes

The best vegan Easter recipes desserts
Vegan carrotcake – Wallflower Kitchen
Mini egg peanut butter chocolate mousse – Nourishing Amelia
Raw carrot cake – Unconventional Baker
Hot cross bun nicecream – Eli Brecher
Triple chocolate rice crispies Easter brownies – Happy Skin Kitchen
Gluten-free pink frosting strawberry cake – Rhian’s Recipes
Pistachio and orange blossom raw cake – Unconventional Baker

Vegan Easter Snack Recipes

The best vegan easter recipes snacks
Easter chocolate cups – Euphoric vegan
Hot cross cookies – Nourishing Amelia
Raw carrot cake balls – Everyday Cooking with Mira
Zesty lemon energy balls – Healthy & Psyched
Raw hot cross buns – Leitchy Creates
Oat and coconut scones with strawberry tea jam – Healthy & Psyched
Crispy spiced carrot chips – Every Last Bite
Carrot, ginger & miso dip – Healthy & Psyched
Easter nests – Deliciously Ella

Also, I just had to share this amazing idea to make an Easter egg from an avocado by @healthyjon

chocolate egg made from avocado skin

Happy Easter everyone.

Are you doing anything nice or making anything nice this weekend?


  1. Bethany

    I recently cooked a few vegan foods and my family loved it and thought it tasted like it actually had animal products in it (which is what we’re ised to), so definitely starting to pick up the vegan thing, thanks for more recipes

  2. bavariansojourn

    Full of spring flavours. Do you know, there’s not one of those recipes I don’t like the sound of! We are trying to eat meat less and less so this is really helpful! 🙂

  3. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    My gosh I can’t believe everything in this post is Vegan!!! I know for a fact my friend who is vegan would totally love this. While I have some reservations before with some vegan food I tried, I’ll try any of these in a heartbeat!!!

  4. Sarah Bailey

    Oh now this is such a great list of receipes, they all sound like they offer something different and it is so nice to have some meat free recipes to hand.

  5. Rhian westbury

    Wow that’s a lot of awesome recipes, the pancakes look so yummy

  6. Melanie

    Oh wow Rachel, these are amazing! You are based in Mcr too…you need to open an eatery there x

  7. Globalmouse (@globalmouse1)

    Oh gosh what a lot of lovely sounding recipes. We’re a vegetarian family with a strong emphasis on vegan food so I love all of this, the cauiflower and lentil loaf has caught my eye for a start! Yum to it all though.

  8. Nicolette Lafonseca

    I love so many of these and have found great new blogs from clicking through too.

    I love all food but breakfast recipes are the best or is that just me.

    I am chilling with the littles with studio ghibli

  9. Jenni

    Oh my goodness what an incredible list! I really want to try the Chickpea omelette with spinach and peas

  10. countryheartdeb

    oh wow that all looks amazing and i am definitely going to try a few. Im not veggie but these look delicious!

  11. Laura Dove

    What a great list! I’m not veggie or vegan but really want to try and eat more meat and dairy free meals!

  12. Yeah Lifestyle

    Our whole family has a sweet tooth and the photos of your vegan dessert recipes caught my eyes. Although we are not vegan, I love cooking vegan for the kids as its so healthy.

  13. Candice Nikeia

    So many great choices for vegans- I would love to try all these deserts. They look so incredible! Thanks for the informative post!


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