Review: Savvy Foods Carob

About six weeks ago I met Savvy Foods at the London Health Show. They’re a company local to me in Sheffield who sell powder, spreads and snacks made from high-quality organic carob pods.

All of the products are made from natural ingredients. That means they contain no artificial sugars or fats and are vegan, gluten free, wheat free,  dairy free, soya free and nut free. The dream product for a healthy foodie like me!

carob review healthyandpsyched

The great thing about carob is it’s high in fiber, which can help to regulate digestion. It’s low GI, so it will keep blood sugar stable and has anti-inflammatory properties. Carob also contains a good range of minerals and nutrients, notably calcium and potassium, as well as vitamin A, B vitamins and D. Some even consider it a superfood

Carob is NOT a chocolate substitute. The first time I ever tried carob a few years ago I thought it was going to taste like chocolate and was sorely disappointed when it didn’t. That incident put me off for a good while!


Carob Spread

savvy spreads healthyandpsyched

The spreads are totally organic and made from a mix of carob powder, carob syrup, date syrup, tahini, or cocoa powder depending on which one. That means they’re all sweet, sticky and incredibly morish! I loved the depth of flavour from the dark carob syrup and slight creaminess from the tahini.

To decided which one I liked best I tried all of the spreads in the same sitting. They each have a distinctive taste and after eating a good few heaping spoons of each (sorry-not-sorry) I concluded that they’re all delicious, ‘Gold Original’ was the nicest and you shouldn’t eat so much in one sitting because it makes you feel slightly sick!

In practice I found that my favorite spread kept changing- usually it was the one that I’d eaten the most of! If you’re picking one to buy I’d suggest you go for the one that sounds most appealing because you’ll probably like them all. Also, although each carob spread has a different flavor they all have the same consistency and sweetness so could be used interchangeably in recipes.

I ended up eating most of it straight out the jar, but you can use it in place of nut butter, jam or chocolate spread, for example, on toast.


Carob Powder

savvy carob powders healthyandpsyched The carob powder was a big hit and is perfect in smoothies or stired into porridge. I was a fan of the roasted powder because it had a richer and bolder flavour, but the raw powder was nice as well. If you’re used to putting dates or other sweeteners in your  smoothie/porridge I’d recommend this as an alternative.

Carob powder can be used in place of cacao (although as I said above it doesn’t taste the same!). For example, in cakes or cookies and I used the powders to make granola. You can find one recipe here but the other ‘raw carob & ginger’ recipe is top secret for now!!

I also tried to make a hot drink with carob in place of cacao powder but it didn’t turn out brilliantly… it tasted quite nice but I ended up with a lot of undissolved powder at the bottom, which seemed like a waste. If you give this a go I’d love to hear how it turns out or let me know if you’ve got a proper recipe.



raw carob nibbles savvy review healthyandpsyched

I’ve got to be honest and say these are the thing I used the least. They’re pretty good as an after dinner snack or little afternoon pick me up – they tick the sweetness box and do have an interesting crunch but but I felt there was something slightly lacking. In their defense they are incredibly healthy, it’s literally just the raw pod. But I’d take a spoon of spread over a handful of nibbles any day- the extra sweetness and healthy fats from the tahini make it so delicious!!


Here are some of the yummy things I made with Savvy Foods products- Brownies, Bliss Balls & Granola!


Do you use carob already? Or have I convinced you to start?