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5 Delicious Smoothie Recipes you NEED to try

Do you want to make your own delicious smoothie for breakfast but don't know where to start? Check out these 5 yummy smoothie recipes for inspiration. I created these smoothie recipes in collaboration with Creative Nature, Bioglan Superfoods and Nutri Ninja, but have...

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Healthy Carrot Cake Smoothie with a twist!

Carrot cake smoothie anyone? I know there are A LOT of carrot cake smoothies out there- it’s almost obligatory for every health food blogger to have a recipe, from Madeline Shaw to Emma at Coconut and Berries. But what makes my carrot cake smoothie recipe different is...

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Peanut butter, Cherry & Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Yesterday I introduced PEANUT BUTTER WEEK and promised that I would post a breakfast smoothie bowl recipe today. Well, here it is – a peanut butter, cherry & chocolate smoothie. From the level of excitement after my introduction to peanut butter week blog post, I’m...

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Guest Recipe: Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl (She Smiles)

I’m excited to introduce this guest recipe from Mara at She Smiles. It's a pretty pink dragon fruit smoothie bowl! Mara says “I kept seeing amazing photos of dragon fruit all over Instagram and I wanted to try it! It’s such a pretty fruit and it has a lot of health...

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Creamy Apple & Mint Smoothie

Are you looking for a super simple but super delicious green smoothie recipe? If so, this is apple and mint smoothie would be perfect for you. It’s simple because you only need to blend 5 ingredients, all of which you should be able to find them all at your local...

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Homemade Acai Bowl Recipe 2.0 – new and improved

I think I’ve made THE BEST ACAI BOWL RECIPE EVER. Honestly, I ate every spoonful of this homemade acai bowl thinking ‘yuuuuuuum, this is so good’. In the first acai bowl recipe posted on the blog (which is yummy, don't get me wrong, but the new one is AMAZING) I...

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Hi. I’m Rachel and through Healthy & Psyched I want to make health and well-being accessible to everyone, from health-nuts to people who are just curious or even intimidated. On the blog you’ll find plant-based recipes, wide-ranging lifestyle tips and reviews. I hope you’ll be inspired in the kitchen and learn how to make healthy tweaks to your lifestyle.



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