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Homemade Beetroot Latte (Vegan & Caffeine Free)

After having a delicious and pretty pink beetroot latte from Slaaw Food I knew I had to make my own version.   How do you turn beetroot into a latte? Use beetroot powder! Beetroot powder is brilliant for it’s colour alone. But it also tastes amazing – even if you’re...

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Pumpkin Spice Oat Cakes: Halloween Recipe

When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin? When you drop it: then it's squash! These pumpkin spice oat cakes don’t actually contain any pumpkin but I thought I’d start with a pumpkin joke anyway!! Since it’s Halloween soon I wanted to share a really simple recipe for some...

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Guest Recipe: Vegan Protein Doughnuts (Leisha Mulvey)

I feel so honoured to have a guest recipe from Leisha, a fellow health blogger and a sports science student. When I saw the recipe on her blog for pro-nuts (a.k.a protein doughnuts) I was very excited. I'm not a massive fan of doughnuts because they can be quite oily...

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Guest Recipe: Raw Vegan Mini Doughnuts (Willow and Dove).

In this post Rebecca - the chef behind Willow and Dove vegan and gluten-free desserts- shares why she became interested in healthy eating and her secret tips on how to make delicious raw vegan doughnuts. "As a child, I was quite the fussy eater and at home, we...

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Chocolate Fudge Protein Balls

Looking for the ultimate homemade protein balls or sweet snack? Try these squidgy chocolate fudge bites. I originally created them to eat before I exercise in the morning. These protein balls are a great pre-workout because they're made with dates and raisins which...

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Matcha Coconut Ice Lollys with Berries.

Want to know this summer’s coolest ice lolly recipe?   These matcha coconut ice lollys with raspberries and cherries are sure to be a hit with everyone, from kids to grandparents. They’re made with coconut milk to get a satisfying creamy taste, berries to make things...

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Hi. I’m Rachel and through Healthy & Psyched I want to make health and well-being accessible to everyone, from health-nuts to people who are just curious or even intimidated. On the blog you’ll find plant-based recipes, wide-ranging lifestyle tips and reviews. I hope you’ll be inspired in the kitchen and learn how to make healthy tweaks to your lifestyle.



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