I don’t know about you but I’m always running out of non-dairy milk. I find it really annoying that they only sell it in 1 liter cartons. They sell up to 6 pints of milk- so why only sell 1.759 pints of almond, coconut or rice milk?

Since I run out of milk quite often I’ve developed several alternatives that are ready for immediate use.

homemade non-dairy milk alternatives healthyandpsychedThese are best used as soon as they’re made and won’t keep well- the ingredients will separate. But these options are far better than having to use plain water when you don’t have time to pop to the shop and buy some more milk.

1. Blended nuts, seeds or coconut & water

Cashew nuts or hemp seeds are my favourite. Use a handful of nuts/ seeds / coconut flakes and a cup of water. If you know in advance you want to make this (e.g. you realize at night you have no milk for breakfast) it’s best to soak the nuts/ seeds because it helps them to blend to a smoother milk. It won’t be as creamy as a shop bought non-dairy milk but it does the job for cereal and does become creamier in porridge. I’ve used it in baking and for coffee as well. It would probably be okay for creamy sauces.

2. Nut flour

Fine almond flour or peanut flour can be mixed with water for a yummy milk. Adjust the quantity of flour and water to suit your needs. This would be a good substitute in most situations as long as you bear in mind the stronger taste.

3. Blended tofu & water

Make your own soya milk by blending tofu and water! Quarter of a block and a cup of water should make a good strength milk but you can adjust accordingly. Silken tofu will create the smoothest milk but firm also works. This is good to use in most situations you’d want soya milk.

 4. Oats & tea

You can blend oats and steeped tea such as roobois (or plain water) to make a creamy liquid. Be sure to let it stand for a few minutes so that the oats absorb the water, and then mix it well.  You’d have to play around with the quantities to suit your needs. Also, I absolutely love to soak my oats overnight in tea. The oats make their own milk, which will be flavoured by the tea- it’s so delicious. Try my Spring Time overnight oats using this trick.

5. Coconut water

Using coconut water means you can still enjoy cereal/porridge even if you’ve got no milk. It’s also lovely in a smoothie or pancake mix. Try coconut water in an acai bowl or mango smoothie.


Hope this has helped.

What do you do when you’ve use up all the milk?

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