🎃 Happy Halloween!!! 🎃

I made my boyfriend carve me an ‘I Avocado’ pumpkin, which turned out really well and I wanted to show you guys!!

He said he couldn’t carve an avocado, but I knew he could!

pumpkin avocado carving halloween


How to carve an avocado in a pumpkin

To carve the pumpkin you will first need to cut off the top and scape out all of the seeds and stringy bit.

To make the avocado pumpkin design draw a stencil of the design, then placed it over the pumpkin and cut the words and avocado in faintly into the pumpkin with a Stanley knife. Next, scraped off the light bit of the avocado leaving the stone in the middle (don’t to cut it out completely otherwise there won’t be anything to support the stone). Next cut out the bit to be the avocado skin and the stork. Lastly cut out the ‘I heart’ completely.

We used a Stanley knife, a small kitchen knife and a tea spoon with a pointy end to do the cutting and scraping.

pumpkin avocado carving halloween

Hopefully you can see better from the picture above that the ‘I ‘ is totally cut out of the pumpkin, where as for the avocado there is a thin layer of pumpkin flesh left.

And here’s the avocado pumpkin next to my little persimmon carving. I called him Percy!

pumpkin avocado carving halloween

What did you carve for Halloween? Or what you are planning on carving?

Leave a link in the comments if you have uploaded your pumpkin to social media and I will check I out.

I always love seeing how creative everyone is.

p.s. Please pin this post or share it on social media if you like it. I want to show everyone my pumpkin because I love it so much!!


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