Since I keep posting pictures of my food from Nourish on instagram I thought it was about time to write a review!

I could pretty much write it in once sentence: AMAZING SWEET POTATOES

Nourish is a healthy fast food restaurant. You won’t find any deep fried chips or donner meat here. It’s all about nourishing wholefood ingredients from carefully selected suppliers. They’ve even gone as far as to include the macronutrient information for all of their dishes and a comprehensive allergy/diet-type guide so you know exactly what you’re ordering.

It’s also worth mentioning the decor. I love the green/ grassy floor, it’s really novel and makes you feel healthy as soon as you step inside.

They also have a ‘pay it forward tree‘. The idea is that you buy an extra meal, it gets written on a post-it and stuck to the tree. Later a homeless person can come in and pick one of the meals from the tree. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I try to contribute when I can.

nourish sheffield review healthyandpsyched

Visit 1 (11.02.2016)

nourish potato healthyandpsyched

Why did I visit? I popped into town after uni to buy a Valentine’s card and suddenly got REALLY hungry. I knew I wanted a sweet potato for dinner but didn’t want to wait for one to cook when I got home. So I went to Nourish.

What did I order? ‘Sun-dried tomato hummus’ with added avocado.

How did it taste? It was perfection. The potato was smooth, melt in your mouth, sweet and beginning to caramelize. I’m drooling just remembering it. And the avocado….omg.. perfectly ripe and creamy. The hummus was okay but was overshadowed by the rest of the meal.

I sent my boyfriend a picture because I was so excited then called him on the way home. He literally had to tell me to calm down because I was getting so animated describing the lovely potato.


Visit 2 (13.02.16)


Why did I visit? My boyfriend came to see me for the Valentine’s weekend and I insisted we go to Nourish so he could try the potatoes.

What did I order? We got there about half an hour before closing time and to my utter disappointment they only had one sweet potato left!! Being a gentleman my boyfriend let me have it and he had a chicken curry instead. And being a nice girlfriend I swapped him some of my potato (not in the picture) for a bit of spiralized carrot.

I ordered the ‘super greens‘ and a bit of extra hummus free of charge.

How did it taste? The potato was still ‘smooth, melt in your mouth, sweet and beginning to caramelize’ perfection but I wasn’t so fussed about the topping. The hemp seeds were nice but the rest was a bit bland, it needed more kick from the lime and I don’t even remember tasting the mint. I wouldn’t pick this topping again.


Visit 3 (16.02.16)

sweet potato 1 healthyandpsyched

Why did I visit? I was in town to meet a friend for coffee at 10.30, but we talked for so long it was lunch time when I left her. I needed to go back to uni and do some work but I hadn’t packed any lunch so I went to Nourish to get a take away.

What did I order? Just a plain potato- with the view to go and buy some almond butter to eat it with. But unfortunately the shop was out of stock, so I just had to top it with chilli flakes, which I had in my desk draw.

How did it taste? The potato was still really yummy, but I was slightly disappointed with the portion this time. It was definitely smaller than the first time.


Visit 4 (21.02.2016)

Why did I visit? I’d arrange to meet up with my instagram friend Rochelle (@petiteandpure) for a yummy sweet potato. But I forgot that Nourish is closed on a Sunday, so we went to Bill’s instead. The moral of the story is check the opening times or you might be disappointed!


Visit 5 (04.03.2016)

spring menu nourish sheffield review healthyandpsyched

Why did I visit? I wanted to try the new spring menu (which actually contains the ‘sun-dried tomato hummus’ and ‘super greens’ from the previous menu).

What did I order? The hummus and not something new!! I also want to praise them on the quick service. No sooner had I put my purse away than my potato was ready! I’ve had to wait a couple of minutes on previous occasions, but that’s still not long.

How did it taste? Absolutely delicious as expected.


Non-vegan meals

I also just wanted to say I’ve been to nourish twice before I became vegan and was very happy with the food. The first time I had a salmon omelette with avocado, which sent me on a month long spell of salmon and eggs for breakfast! And the second time I had courgetti with meatballs- which was also nice and very filling. It’s nice to see courgetti on the high street!


Opposite the Sheffield Peace Gardens:
18 Pinstone Street
S1 2HN

They also have a restaurant in Leeds


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