If you’ve read my ‘Should You Do Juice Cleanse?‘ post then you’ll know that I spent a while researching different options before I decided on a company to buy from. I chose the Radiance Cleanse 3-day juice cleanse because of the quality of the juice and level of support they provide. It definitely wasn’t one of the cheapest on the market, but a) all of the juice is organic and cold-pressed and b) you get a booklet with tips about how to prepare for the cleanse, stay on track and maximise the benefits.

Radiance Cleanse offer a number of pre-designed cleanses and you can choose a duration of 1, 3, or 5 days.  They also offer a ‘build your own’ option for no extra cost, which I was quite impressed with. Personally, I wanted to follow their advice on a good combination of juices, but I can’t eat some of the ingredients in the juices (e.g. pepper), so I built my own cleanse following their template of a roots based juice, lemon juice, two green juices and cashew milk.

5 reasons to do a juice cleanse

The Juices

Deep Roots- Carrots, Apples, Lemons, Beetroot, Spinach

Ginger Lemonade- Water, Lemons, Maple syrup, Ginger, Turmeric, Black pepper, Cinnamon

Pure Greens 4- Cucumbers, Celery, Broccoli, Lemons, Kale, Ginger

Power Green- Cucumbers, Pears, Celery, Lemons, Wheatgrass, Spinach

Spiced Cashew Milk- Water, Cashews, Maple syrup, Vanilla, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves



I booked my juice cleanse to start the following week to give myself time to prepare. I had read that it’s advisable to reduce caffeine and sugar intake and increase the amount of green veggies you consume prior to a juice cleanse in order to avoid detox symptoms (such as a headache and stuffy nose). I started off pretty well but then caved in and ate a bar of vegan chocolate the night before my juice diet was set to start.

The day before my juices arrived I decided to watch Jason Vale’s documentary ‘Super Juice Me’ on YouTube, which follows about 10 people (I can’t remember the exact number) as they go on a retreat and drink only juice for 28 days. The participants have been selected because they have various chronic illnesses that are causing them problems with daily living and it’s amazing to see their conditions improve over the course of the juice challenge. I found the film very motivational and helped me solidify the reasons that I wanted to do the juice cleanse; to try and improve my digestive health and reset my snacking habits (see here).


Juice Cleanse Day 1- take 1

I started my day off with a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon and waited for my juices to arrive. At just before 10am (when they were scheduled to arrive) I received a phone call from Radiance Cleanse to say that my juices had been damaged on the way. They were very apologetic and offered me free juice shots when they re-sent the juices or a refund. I was set on doing the juice cleanse so I asked for the free shots and rescheduled the juices to be delivered the following week!


Juice Cleanse Day 1– take 2

I woke up feeling motivated and hopeful that my juices would arrive unharmed. Luckily they arrived by 9.10am. I quickly took some photos and popped them in the fridge. I drank the first one at 9.30am when I arrived at work – I was already breaking the ‘rules’ by having it 30 minutes after they suggested, but I didn’t really think it would matter if I pushed all of the juices back half an hour.

The first juice (Deep Roots) tasted nice, although I thought it had a twang of celery even though that wasn’t listed on the label (and I don’t like celery!). For some reason I felt hungrier afterwards but I managed to ignore it and do some work.

At 11.30 I tried the second juice (Ginger Lemonade). I was dreading and looking forward to it in equal measure because I thought it had cayenne pepper in which I don’t really like, but I was getting bored and wanted to drink it. I was relieved it tasted okay and didn’t actually contain any pepper. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first juice though.

At 12pm I started to feel hungry. To be honest it was probably only because 12pm is usually lunch time. I decided to have a cup of herbal tea and see if that helped- which it did a bit.

At 2pm I opened up juice number 3 (Pure Greens 4). I was pleased with myself for choosing a 100% vegetable juice but it really was a struggle to drink. I don’t like celery so I don’t know why I picked one with over 30% celery juice.

Later in the afternoon I had my first temptation! The Psychology Department was holding its charity bake sale in the kitchen so when I went to make a cup of tea I was hit by the smell of cakes. To make matters worse I knew there was even a gluten-free, refined-sugar free and vegan option! I tormented myself by having a good look at the cakes but reminded myself why I was doing the juice cleanse and how much I paid for it, so I settled for tea.

Back at my desk the most embarrassing thing happened! I got the hiccups! I sat with my mouth firmly shut doing silent hiccups for a good five minutes before one escaped! It was VERY loud and the whole office (about 25 people) turned and stared at me, then a few started laughing!!

Walking home at 5.30pm I got hiccups again. I decided to message Chris from pearsnotparsnips.com because I knew she’d done a few cleanses and might have some advice. She said she’d never had hiccups, but from an internet search suggested it might be due to lack of fiber and I could add half an avocado to my next green juice. The Radiance Cleanse guidelines said you could have a snack of half an avocado if you were hungry so I could justify blending some into my juice. Juice number 4 (Power Greens), tasted amazing with the avocado and I was extremely happy.

3 day juice cleanse review

Later in the evening my tummy started to hurt and I felt a bit nauseous. I still managed to have my last ‘juice’ (Spiced Cashew Milk) at around 8pm. It was really delicious and creamy, but unfortunately it made me feel even sicker so I spent the rest of the evening cuddling a pillow and watching rubbishy TV programs.

I was in bed by 10.30pm after body brushing and having a shower. That’s pretty early for me – I usually go at about 12-1.30am because I have problems getting to sleep.


Day 1 continued…

At 2.30am I woke up and I NEEDED a snack– it was mainly psychological but I did feel a bit hungry as well. I didn’t even try to get back into bed. Instead I drunk another bottle of cashew milk and ate a persimmon. It’s not the worst snack ever but I was disappointed because this is the behaviour that was trying to stop with the cleanse.


Juice Cleanse Day 2

I started my day well again with the recommended lemon water, body brushing (see here) and shower routine.

Again, I had my first juice slightly later than scheduled because I wasn’t really hungry (probably because of the midnight snack- haha) and I felt slightly nauseous. Luckily, drinking the juice made me feel better.

At 11.30am it was time for the lemon turmeric juice, which I thought tasted better than it has the previous day.

I was really happy that I seemed to be able to focus on my work better than usual. But at 1pm I started to get a bit restless and bored in the office so I took a quick walk. It also helped me escape the smell of other people’s lunch, which seemed stronger than usual. When I got back to the office I was feeling a bit sorry for myself so instead of drinking the horrible Pure Green 4 juice with celery that was scheduled I decided to drink the nicer green one.

Drinking a pleasant juice did help perk up my mood for a while. But then I got seriously grumpy and hungry at about 4.30pm because people had started to talk loudly in the office and someone came in and started drilling! A cup of detox tea helped to stave off the hunger pangs for a while, but at 5pm on the dot I called it a day and made a quick exit from the office.

Once home I modified the Pure Greens 4 juice (a.k.a. the horrible one) by blending it with avocado and beetroot powder to mask the taste of celery. It turned out to be really yummy and I ate it from a bowl with a spoon to make a change from drinking out of a bottle.

To help distract myself and achieve the health benefits from the cleanse I had booked a restorative yoga class at Instinctive Health, Sheffield. I took a gentle 25 minute walk to get there and had an hour of pure bliss. I had decided to stop my usual exercise routine, which includes hiit and weight training, because I thought it might make me too hungry or dizzy during the juice cleanse.

By the time I got home it was 9pm and I drank the final spiced cashew milk before settling down for an early night. Luckily I slept a lot better (possibly thanks to the yoga) and didn’t feel the need for a midnight snack.


Juice Cleanse Day 3

I was really excited for the final day of my juice cleanse because I had booked a Udvartana Massage at Instinctive Health. This type of massage is used as an ayurvedic detox treatment. It was very relaxing and I left feeling refreshed.

I drank my morning juice on the way to university. It was quite a struggle to stay focused, which I think had more to do with it being a Friday than any negative effect from the juice diet. I spent all day counting down the time to my next juice and until I could leave work for the weekend.

Since I had drunk two bottles of Spiced Cashew Milk on the first day I was a juice short for the cleanse programme. I took a break in the afternoon to go to Pure on Raw and get a fresh juice. I chose apple, carrot, beetroot and tomato juice, which was very nice.

The last day was pretty uneventful, and although I felt hungrier than the previous days, I think that was because I was bored at work and equally bored at home.

should i do a juice cleanse


Final thoughts

Do you get hungry on a juice cleanse?

Yes. I did at least. At one point I felt starving – but I knew that wasn’t actually the case and I felt better after a cup of herbal tea. Also, I felt less hungry when I had a lot to do or think about.

Do you get any benefits from a juice cleanse?

Yes. I felt like my digestive system was functioning a lot better after the cleanse- but then for some reason a couple of weeks later I got sick and dizzy again and was back to square one. I own scales, so I don’t know if I experienced any weight loss, but my clothes certainly felt looser.

Unfortunately I don’t think I experienced any benefits in terms of my sleep pattern and it didn’t break my habit of snacking after dinner. But perhaps three days isn’t long enough for those sort of changes to happen.


Overall I was pleased with my experience and would encourage anyone interested in doing a juice cleanse to consult their doctor and do some research on juicing before they start a juice plan.



If you are interested in the Radiance Cleanse then mention my name and blog for 10% off!




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