Are you thinking about starting the New Year with a juice cleanse?

Have a read of my reasons for doing a 3-day juice cleanse by Radiance Cleanse to help you decide if it’s right for you.

5 reasons to do a juice cleanse

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse involves removing solid food from your diet for a number of days and drinking only juice (with water, coconut water and herbal teas).

You can order the juices to be delivered to your door by a company or juice your own fresh produce using a juicing plan. I would recommend you use a juicing plan because they have been put together by nutritionists to ensure that you are getting the right balance of nutrients to help your body function.

From my research/experience juice cleanse programs typically include 5-6 juices per day, which focus on nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. There is often the option to have a nut milk for the last ‘juice’ of the day.


Why I decided to do a juice cleanse

I had read several reviews from my fellow health bloggers (for example, by Chris from Pears Not Parsnips who is an experienced juicer and by the Health Bloggers Community), which made me interested to research more about doing a juice cleanse myself.

Undertaking a juice cleanse is a controversial subject due to the lack of scientific evidence for the claims that some companies make about their products (e.g. It will detoxify your body). I spent a whole afternoon researching the benefits of doing a cleanse (i.e. why you might like to do it), what to expect on the cleanse and various juice plans, so I felt pretty well informed when making a choice to drink only juice for 3 days!

should i do a juice cleanse

My top 5 reasons to do a juice cleanse

Please be aware this article is my personal opinion and it is always advisable to consult your doctor before doing a cleanse.

  1. To help my digestive system

    About 6 weeks before my cleanse I ate something dodgy which made me vomit and unable to get out of bed for a whole weekend. After that I had been feeling sick pretty much every day. As you can imagine it was quite unpleasant and I was totally fed up with it. Nutri-seed claim on their blog that “consuming only juice gives the stomach a well-earned rest, as it has to work far less to extract nutrients. It requires less of the stomach’s digestive processing, such as acid, churning and pepsin”, which sounded like it might help my stomach problems.

  2. To stop bad food habits

    I had a habit of snacking after dinner even thought I wasn’t hungry. This habit was left over from when I used to do swimming training in the evenings and eat a snack when I got home. Since I’m not training in the evening anymore I don’t need a snack unless I’m actually hungry but I just can’t stop snacking!! I hoped that juicing would break this cycle for a few days and show me that I don’t need the snack.

  3. For weight loss

    I’ll be honest, I did the juice cleanse a week before my holiday and I was hoping to lose a couple of pounds and look better in my bikini, even if it was just water weight and came back again.

  4. To improve my sleep

    I can never get to sleep very well, which is really annoying and I had read various reviews that suggested that a juice cleanse could help to reduce the amount of time it took me to fall asleep and to improve the quality of my sleep.

  5. Interest

    I was interested to see if I could do it or if I would get hungry and cheat! I was also interested to see how my body would respond and if I would feel more energized, sleep better and lose weight.


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Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? What were your reasons for doing it and how did you feel during and after?




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